Mi 9 SE is the Last Xiaomi Flagship With a Small Screen

Mi 9 SE is the Last Xiaomi Flagship With a Small Screen

Over the last few years, Xiaomi has been introducing toned down Mi flagship models for the mid-range market. These phones have one thing in common: their small and thin design.

However, in a recent announcement by the President of Xiaomi, it seems clear that the Mi 9 SE will be the last smartphone with a small display.

He shares that Xiaomi has invested a lot of energy in keeping the flagship small and stylish but the demand for better performance and a bigger battery cannot be further achieved by keeping the screen size small and the body slim.

The smaller the size of the phone, the less efficient is the hardware that you can fit in. If we look at the specifications of the phone, we see that it features a 6-inch display, however, the aspect ratio is kept 19:9 which reduces the width of the phone.

We think that future Xiaomi flagship models will be bulkier and will have a larger screen. Also, in comparison to Xiaomi Mi 9 SE that features a small battery at 3,070 mAh capacity, the future flagship models will have better battery life.

Where all this is good news, we highly doubt that the future flagship models will be affordable.

Updated: February 19, 2020 — 10:12 am

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