Nokia Researchers Develop a Battery With 2.5 Times Higher Capacity

Nokia Researchers Develop a Battery With 2.5 Times Higher Capacity

As smartphone technology improves, the biggest issue we face is power and battery life. With higher battery life, the size and weight of the battery also increase which messes with the aesthetics. Hence, manufacturers have to compromise and settle for a balance between good battery life and looks.

Similarly, with the new 5G technology making its way into the smartphone industry, the main concern manufacturers have is the battery consumption and preservation. However, it looks like Nokia has solved the problem for us.
Researchers from Nokia Bell Labs and Trinity College Dublin’s AMBER center have claimed that they have created a battery based on lithium nanotubes that can provide 2.5 times higher battery life as compared to a typical battery without increasing its size.

This new technology will meet the requirements of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, electric cars, scooters, and drones. They have specifically developed this technology for the upcoming 5G connectivity.

In a statement, Paul King, one of the lead investigators on the project and Member of the Technical Staff, Nokia Bell Labs said,
Unfortunately, Nokia didn’t specify a launch date for their new battery tech or when it will be available in smartphones.

For the time being, it’s good to see some innovation in battery tech which could see mainstream adoption in the future.

Updated: February 17, 2020 — 4:39 am

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