This is the First Phone With an Under Display Selfie Camera

This is the First Phone With an Under Display Selfie Camera

oday at Mobile World Congress (MWC) Shanghai 2019, Chinese phone maker Oppo has made one of its biggest announcements of the year. The Dongguan-based manufacturer introduced its first-ever Under-Screen front facing Camera that was teased earlier this month.
To make this possible, Oppo has introduced both a customized display and camera module. The part of the screen that is above the lens is made out of a unique highly transparent material with redesigned pixel structure to make sure an adequate amount of light can pass through it.

The camera also comes with special features. It has a large aperture, a big sensor, and greater pixel size to combat any light refraction.
Cameras usually take photos when light passes through the optics and hits the sensor, but having a solid material on top might make the picture quite blurry. For that reason, Oppo has introduced three different algorithms to ensure camera performance without compromising the display.

The first algorithm is for the White Balance. Oppo has made targeted adjustments and calibrated the color against any light sources that might obstruct the image. The second is the HDR algorithm that reduces overexposed highlights and increases brightness in shadows. Lastly, it has a Haze Removal algorithm, which resolves the issue of having a solid material on top of the lens. It works to increase the sharpness of the image.

As for specs, details, and quality of the camera hidden behind the display, Oppo was mum on the details. Perhaps Oppo will be giving us more insight into the quality of the camera and what specifications it will have in the next few days.

Don’t forget that Oppo isn’t the only one working on this tech. Not to be left out, Xiaomi also tweeted about its phone with a camera hidden under the display soon after OPPO’s first teaser.

Updated: February 16, 2020 — 6:11 pm

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